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The Stampede Network with Mason Kuhr

Mason Kuhr (@masonkuhr)

The Stampede Network is bold, authentic, unfiltered, raw. We will be exploring different perspectives and the truth of our world, through perspectives of different leaders, visionaries, and innovators with their own platform. Topics range from mindset, to spirituality, fitness, business, philosophy, current events and more. You will be motivated, inspired, and potentially in awe. The goal of this podcast is to open you up to a new way of living. To help you transform, transcend, and succeed. To help you make your own conclusions of the world around us. To bring you closer to your moment of truth. We are all on a hero's journey. This show is a guide to leveling up your skillsets in order to help you accomplish your own personal mission, whatever that may be, and waking you up to your full potential. Take the red pill, join the Stampede Network.